"AKOVA COMPANY." founded in 2002 in İstanbul, with the vision of being a bridge starting from Balkan states and extending to the whole world for construction sector companies in Turkey, put signature under numerous successful projects serving to the purpose of its foundation up to today. In a short time "AKOVA COMPANY" gaining trust of both distinguished construction brands in Turkey and customers carried to these brands in Balkan states, aims to improve the quality of service more through intercorporate investments.

"AKOVA COMPANY", providing best quality products and service to its customers in most appropriate time and conditions with its international trade experience and knowledge, built "Trust" fact which is one of the hard circles to gain in trade, as the first Article of Company Constitution since its foundation and didn’t make concessions. Rather than a one-time business, development sustainable business partnerships especially with the customers "AKOVA COMPANY" provides service abroad, is also the biggest indicator of mutual sense of trust.

"AKOVA COMPANY"projecting and quoting product and service items needed in building and construction projects especially in the Balkans and the Middle East countries, primarily with market research and analysis in Turkey then with professional approach to business, directs fussily all processes of projects that become reality and gives great importance to the satisfaction of the "buyer and seller" companies put together. "AKOVA COMPANY" whose main field of activity is “Consulting", "Import-Export" and "Marketing" oriented to construction sector, especially building, final producers and repromaterial foundations, due to its know-how in this sector, realizes also Turkey's export potential by conveying domestic manufacturer’s products to needed construction projects abroad.

On one side by providing service in market research, feasibility, customer supply abroad to distinguished construction brands in Turkey as service provider, on the other side by directing the needs of foreign customers in construction and building field to Turkey, "AKOVA COMPANY" has built a two-lane commercial road. In this way by canalizing the achievement and growth rate obtained in a short time to investments of technology and specialized staff, became more powerful. Has proved existence power in its sector by adding new ones to existing customers with a professional and qualified team. Today "AKOVA COMPANY" as eyes and ears of giant construction industry manufacturers of Turkey in the Balkans and the Middle East, aims to spread up to all Europe geography in west and Far East countries in east by its growing business potential.

"AKOVA COMPANY", making difference in its sector with its solutions focusing on customer satisfaction, within the frame of trade approach in national and international standards, opens investment and export channels of domestic leader companies which makes production in accordance with the following product range wide without hindrance for the Balkans and the Middle East;

• Shutter
• P.V.C. Profiles
• Ready Window and Doors
• Aluminium Products
• Aluminium Stainless Steel Barrier
• Galvanized Products
• Decorative Wrought Iron Barrier
• Sanitary Products
• Accessories
• Machines
• Water Installation Materials
• Fly Swatter Systems
• Doors

** Please review “Products” title for more detailed information about sub-product groups.

"AKOVA COMPANY", offering consultancy and intermediary solutions end to end in construction sector, with its wide and ready product range and supply materials for wide range of usage area, gives distributorship service especially in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Kosovo. "AKOVA COMPANY" intimately observing and analyzing the culture, living habits, preferences, and also business disciplines of Balkan countries in place, by providing services to these countries in their own language, meets all scale construction companies’ and constructional projects’ requirements with its professional staff; serves with professional perspective and superior quality.

"AKOVA COMPANY", on one side creates new markets to Turkish construction industry companies in Europe, on the other side introduces its European customers with quality products and services.

"AKOVA COMPANY" frames every business partnership that mediated in different business models and makes international market research fussily according to the product and service range of each customer served. "AKOVA COMPANY" keeping up with speed of time, continuing making investments of new technology and professional staff, keeps on being Turkey's trade bridge in international area extending from Turkey to Europe and Middle East with its successful projects such as project designing, project transfer, product supply, shipment of goods and services.

- When customer satisfaction is considered; paying special attention and taking care to technology investment that will contribute to increase this satisfaction and training of working staff
- By perpetuating employee satisfaction, getting maximum efficiency
- Making no concessions on quality service and honesty policy
- Establishing highest quality, efficient, reliable and sustainable business partnerships in national and international standards.
- Stabilizing company's competitiveness by performing future investments in line with customer needs and today's commercial developments.

- Creating new and stable markets for the purpose of activating and keeping alive international trade
- Within the framework of activities, providing supplied products in economical, high quality, reliable features; serving with "Good price fast service" motto.
- Providing professional workforce and reliable consulting services in all fields of activity.

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